P90X, Runkeeper, Weight Watchers, On Target Living and what the hell…some Chinese Bee Pollen

I’m throwing it all in the ring.

I was trying to decide what my next post was going to be and narrowed it down to a list of Lehigh Valley attractions or events I’ve never been to and want to visit in 2011 or my need to really get back on some type of exercise/diet program. I think my choice is clear. I was inspired by two things  1) my friend Silagh’s blog post last night and 2) when putting on my “big” pants this morning  I had to suck in my gut (OMG just a few weeks ago they were loose!!!).

And that’s how quickly it happens. I was on the P90X program from the end of July to early November, and then vacation happened…then thanksgiving…then Christmas…then New Years… Truth is there is ALWAYS an excuse…it’s too cold… it’s dark…Groundhog Day…the super bowl …Valentine’s Day…Daylight Savings…St. Patrick’s Day…Easter…Chilifest…Cinco de Mayo…and before you know it…it’s time for shorts, short sleeves and *gasp* bathing suits.

So what now? I’m just going to throw everything at it. If I have learned anything about losing weight it’s that no one thing works for me, I can’t just diet and I can’t just exercise-exercising makes me hungry and dieting makes me lazy. Then there is the boredom.

P90X is pretty intense; a different exercise everyday…until the next week and then it’s still the same old thing all over again. But it is definitely a serious workout. My chiropractor noticed the results after just a couple of weeks and I still feel better in that regard even though I have not completed a workout since November. I don’t expect that to last to much longer however…

Running can be interesting as long as you don’t fall into a pattern of the same old route (unless that’s what you like) but damn it’s cold out there…that is until it gets hot. I use the Runkeeper Pro app on my iPhone, which is excellent and by the way…is FREE ($9.99 normally) until January 31. It is tracks your routes, calories, pace, and there is this nice British lady who tells you how long you’ve been torturing yourse…er running.  If you want to try Couch to 5K or First Strides it allows you to program intervals that match these programs or any interval you come up with on your own. You can even shout out your progress on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and post pictures along your route.  It definitely helps with motivation when you start seeing your average pace improve and if you get support from friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Then I have this gym membership at Steel Fitness and a Wii Fit…neither of which I use anymore and were merely failed attempts to throw money at a problem without following through.  But I’m giving my membership one more try. If I don’t spend at least 6 hours there this month I’m canceling. And what the heck…I’m going to set up the Wii again and maybe try out the Wii Zumba Fitness workout. A friend has been raving about it on Facebook. Maybe all this workout diversity will keep me interested.

And then there is the food…The P90X nutrition plan and Weight Watchers both encourage keeping track of food intake, although P90X is more specific (read: more of a pain in the ass) as to how many carbs, proteins, etc. you can have. On the other hand with Weight Watchers I can eat 15 1pt carrot cake snacks and still be within my daily points (not that I ever did that…OK well maybe once). On Target Living: Nutrition is an interesting book by Chris Johnson, he encourages natural organic foods and uses just a food target illustration to determine the best food choices. Most or all of your foods should be in the center of the target. He says to keep portions in check and is rather vague in this regard… I found that I just ate A LOT of healthy food and didn’t lose any weight. So I’m thinking about combining, somehow, someway, the proper proportions of the P90X nutrition plan, the ease of the weightwatchers point system with the food choices in the center of the On Target Living target. If I come up with something that works…I’ll sell it to you.

In addition to the boredom there is the habit thing. In order for any program to be successful it needs to become second nature yet fun. Is this possible? Maybe that means scheduling the same hour everyday for exercise, but then just change up what I’m doing in that hour (running, P90Xing, class/treadmill at gym, Wii).

…And for good measure I may just stop by Kim’s on the Southside for that Bee Pollen everyone has been raving about…because a cure in a bottle is just sooooo much easier.

In all seriousness, has anyone tried it? I’ve heard it has some harmless…yet inconvenient side effects. Basically from what I understand from a friend’s Facebook updates…it makes you poop. A lot.

Please share your workout & dieting woes/hints/inspiration or any new year’s resolution challenges in the comments.

Stating the obvious: I am not a medical professional. No one in their right mind should take any diet, exercise or nutrition advise from me of all people. Seriously…don’t do it.

14 responses to “P90X, Runkeeper, Weight Watchers, On Target Living and what the hell…some Chinese Bee Pollen

  1. You go, girl! Maybe by Chilifest, we’ll both be a couple of seriously Hot Mammas. And we’ll share a pitcher of Bahama-Mammas at the Fun House. or something.

    • That’s a goal I can work towards! How many weight watcher’s points are in a pitcher of Bahama-Mammas? Maybe some Michelob Ultras? Good luck with JC and tell them your not going to take any of their crap!

  2. I’m the same way. I’ll do really good for 2-3 months, then 2-3 months of being “off” and start getting back to where I was, get back on it, and back off, etc.. I’ve come to accept that a permanent lifestyle change is the only way to go, and that’s tough being a parent of 3 kids, demanding full time job, etc.. Hang in there and do your best – that’s all you can do!

    • Thanks Michael! It’s always good to hear that other people have the same struggles and that I’m not crazy! I think the only thing that would work is if I could hire someone to smack me upside the head every time I’m about to eat something stupid or blow off a workout. That could get expensive…and painful.

  3. I totally share your woes….I have been up and down on that scale more times than I care to remember…I know everything thing I have to do, what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise,…blah blah blah…and yet here I sit 100lbs overweight and miserable about it. I have all the same things…a Wii with the Biggest Loser DVD and EA Sports, both which I loooove, but never do. I have a gym membership that I haven’t been able to use since October because my husband’s new work schedule doesn’t allow me much “alone without child” time anymore. I refuse to walk outside when its this damn cold….*shiver* I have a treadmill thats in the garage….great place for it, don’t ya think?? LOL
    But yet again after a month of being super lazy and gorging myself on whatever my little heart desired, I am back to square one and trying to lose again…no….not trying…. doing it!! LOL
    Best of luck to you Michele…hopefully we can both find that “magic formula” of exercise, better eating, and willpower that will get us to our goals!! Oh and if that doesn’t work, don’t forget, our 20th reunion is coming up in June!! LOL

    • OMG Jodi! I totally forgot about the reunion! Well if that’s not motivation I don’t know what is! Do you have the EA Sports with the heart rate monitor? Does it work well? I was looking at it but I don’t want a bunch of gadgets that don’t work right. I already have a separate heart monitor but that wouldn’t integrate with the Wii.

      I actually bundled up and went for a run/walk the other day…it wasn’t too bad once I was out there, the problem is getting motivated to go out there.

      Thanks for sharing your woes!

  4. No, I didn’t get the heart moniter…I’m with you on the whole gadget thing….the one thing I don’t care for on the EA is the leg strap deal, its kind of a pain to keep putting in the nunchuck and taking it out, and after a while, the strap is now deteriorating….but the exercises are good, and you can make up your own routine. It’s also time friendly, even at 20-30 minutes I felt like I got a decent workout.
    I also got Just Dance for the Wii and holy hell do I sweat my arse off with that…and its fun, although some of the dance moves are a little strange! I’d also like to try the Zumba workout too, so if you get it soon, let me know how it is!
    I’ll still wait til spring to go walking, lol!!

    • Friends of ours have Just Dance and the kids all loved it! I think I’m going to “get it for Hailey” for Easter 😉 And I hear you on the walking. I can’t imagine how cold it is up there. And the darkness does not help. I think it was unseasonably warm that day I went out last week.

  5. Hey Michele-
    This is Michelle Sames, the co-leader of First Strides (FS). Thanks for mentioning First Strides in your blog! We feel that FS is a great (gradual) way for WOMEN, who are looking to start a fitness routine, to come together and work towards a common goal. It is nice because it is non-threatening because it is self-paced and only women. A major benefit is that you will be motivated each week to come and workout with your new friends and training partners (since you are working to accomplish a common goal… completing a 5K (3.1 mile) run or walk). Having good (dedicated) training partners, mentors, and an obtainable goal is an important part of any fitness routine- that is why we feel so many ladies have had success with First Strides. We hope you will join us — we start at the end of March and go until June (just in time for your reunion). Go to http://www.firststrides.com for more information. Whatever you all decide to do- it is just our hope that everyone will improve their current level of fitness! Thanks again and GOOD LUCK everyone!

    • Hi Michelle! Happy you found me here! I actually did the First Strides Program in 2009 and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely sign up again this year, Thursdays at Sand Island will work great for me. I’ll probably write a full post on it closer to registration time, it opens March 1 correct? Is that for all locations or just Sand Island? I want to make sure I don’t write it too late for the other locations. Thanks for your comments! Hope you keep reading!

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