MOB Recommends: Apotheca Salon

Me again. I’ll be running a series on this blog called “MOB Recommends” where I recommend mostly local stores, some specific products, occasionally events and even restaurants. 

My first recommendation comes from looking in the mirror this morning and seeing this:

rather than something more like this:

If you find yourself in a similar predicament call Apotheca immediately and ask for an appointment for Julie ASAP.

My brows have been faithful to Apotheca ever since opening at 101 E. Third St. in South Bethlehem about six months or so ago. They have private rooms with comfy tables to lay on (no leaning your head uncomfortably over a sink) and I don’t know what kind of wax they use but man it pulls the roots out from the depths of hell yet doesn’t irritate my skin. I frequently break out from wax but my skin seems to tolerate this stuff. She shapes them perfectly and it seems to last quite a bit longer than anywhere I’ve tried in the past.

So go take care of that Bert brow! What are you waiting for!

8 responses to “MOB Recommends: Apotheca Salon

  1. Amanda is also excellent.

  2. Agree!! I’ve been a loyal client of Amanda’s since 2006 and when she wasn’t available, I asked for Julie. Now that they’ve got Apotheca I’ll see whoever’s free and always get a great result. 100% better than if I tried to do it myself (and ended up with uneven brows or none at all) or went to an amateur (where you could get burned by hot wax, or worse).

    • I would never trust myself…I’d go from Bert brow to no brow! I thought Amanda did mine once, but when I called to confirm before I wrote it they said I’ve only ever been to Julie. I think they just didn’t look far back enough or maybe I’m just crazy. Either way, i’ve always been happy! I’ve had it done at many quality spots in the LV but they are by far the best!

  3. I worship Hue-Ann and her hair vood0o, especially the coloring. Julie also gives a fabulous facial!

    • Hey Laura…yeah, I gave up coloring a long time ago. I’ve been every color under the sun but now that I’m old I like to be able to say that this is my natural hair color, and people are always impressed that I have no grays! LOL! I’m sick…I know. I’ll keep the facial thing in mind. I had a good one at Lux, I like the idea all there stuff is natural especially since its seeping into my pores.

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  5. Such kind words from everyone! Care to recommend Apotheca on Yelp? Just head over to

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