Deleted App: Angry Birds Are Evil

I finally downloaded Angry Birds for my iPhone on Saturday. I originally had no intention of downloading it, I don’t have games on my phone because I already spend too much time staring at the thing…I don’t need more time wasters in my life. I already have Twitter for that.

I should have stuck with my gut.

I ended up getting Angry Birds because my husband got it. Big mistake. I can’t tell you how many hours of my life were wasted on this thing, in just four days. And not because I don’t know how many, because it would just be too damn embarrassing! I deleted it this morning along with all of its history so I can’t just reinstall and pick up where I left off.

Angry Birds = Pure Evil


3 responses to “Deleted App: Angry Birds Are Evil

  1. Biggest time waster ever. I love that game so much. Just when you forget about it, they introduce new levels!

    Have you seen the Angry Birds Peace Treaty…

    • OMG, like 2 hours gone like that and all I have to show for it is a finger cramp! And that was just this morning!

      I got through level 6 and I only installed the app late in the day on Saturday and I deleted it at like 8:30 this morning!

      I even started playing in the middle of the night when Astro woke me up to go outside!

      I had no choice, it had to be deleted.

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