Coming out of hibernation early

I always fall into a funk sometime in January and it generally lasts until about April when the days start getting noticeably longer and the weather gets milder. It’s probably seasonal affective disorder, but since I’ve never been diagnosed, I will just call it hibernation for now. I become extremely inactive, finding it hard to motivate myself to do much of anything but lay on the couch before and after work. But unlike bears…I eat throughout my hibernation. It’s a bad combination.

Well, this relatively milder weather has me thinking its time to come out early. Plus I really feel like crap. Every year I try to combat it in January, set up a plan to get out and exercise. I even tried blogging about this year to keep me motivated. I did OK in January, watched what I ate, even exercised a little, and I lost 10 lbs. Then the effect of the cold and the dark hit me hard. It has a power over me. The 10 pounds also returned.

I don’t mind it in December because of all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and really it’s not usually unbearably cold until maybe the very last week of December or the beginning of January. I can’t even get to the gym because I don’t even want to go out in the frigid tundra to get in the car and drive there. But it really is more than the cold. It really feels like there is a dark cloud o’funk (not the good Parliament kind of funk, the ugly depressing kind) over my head at this time of year.

But now, it’s not just the pounds that came back, it’s the pain. My back, neck and shoulder pain that P90X all but cured is returning. It’s time.

I’ve also signed up for Weight Watchers and it starts Thursday. I’m lucky that we have a “at work” program so there is no excuse for not going, it’s right there, no driving out in the cold. And the new points plus program sounds like what I was looking for, something that motivates me to make better choices in the quality of my food, rather than directing me toward pre-packaged, artificially sweetened, fake food choices that don’t taste good.

I’ll also be signing up for First Strides, a running program for women that I joined two years ago. I skipped last year because I was completing my capstone for my MBA and it was just too much. Well, as of the end of this month, I’ll be back. I plan on devoting an entire post on this in the next few days or so…stay tuned.

And also Thursday, tomorrow, I’ll be back on P90X. It’s a great program and while it is really hard it does greatly improve your fitness if you “bring it.” This is not a 10 minute three times a week “miracle.” You have to dedicate an hour or so a day to it. That’s what makes it hard to start. But every time I do it I feel so much better…just need to get over that initial hump.

One thing that I am giving up instead of picking up is the gym. I’m so not hitting my six-hour a month minimum I was supposed to hold myself to. I’m just not motivated to go and I don’t really like being there. I’d rather just run outside or do P90X in my own home.

An update on the Bee Pollen: it is no longer helping as much in the weight loss department, though I have pretty much kicked diet sodas and cut down my coffee intake to two small cups in the morning with no effort, which I attribute to Bee Pollen. My skin has also been good, I usually get little stress breakouts once in a while and I haven’t had any since I’ve been taking them (improved skin condition is also a claim). I think it is still controlling my appetite, I feel fuller, but my problem is my eating out of boredom came back…even though I feel full. So I’ll still take them for a while yet and try to be more aware of my fullness. Weight watchers should help this as well.

So once again…I am declaring that I am re-doubling my efforts….tomorrow.

3 responses to “Coming out of hibernation early

  1. Good luck Michele!

    It seems like a lot of people in the Valley are deciding to get in shape. It’s even more encouraging to see that they’re doing so on their own time, not with some artificial thing like January 1 as their motivator. Heck, if I can lose 25 pounds (as of this morning anyway) I’m sure you’ll be successful.

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