Ack! A Wrinkle!

The other morning I woke up looking like Yoda. Well actually, not that many wrinkles, but two, one on each side of the bridge between my eyebrows. And these are not superficial wrinkles, these are fairly deep.

Botox is NOT an option for me. I depend to much on my animated expressions. Especially the eyebrow furrow and the eye roll. Actually, it’s surprising this has not happened sooner. I don’t necessarily care if other’s see it, but I don’t like looking at it. I have been lucky to make it to my grand age of 37 without grays or wrinkles…looks like the wrinkle bit is coming to a close. I credit my lack of grays to my grandmother’s genes, and my skin…well…I don’t credit my genes for that…it probably has more to do with the fact that I started using Oil of Olay when I was 11 and I have been obsessed with anti-aging moisturizers ever since. Oh and sunscreen. I have freckles year round, so to keep them in check I wear SPF 50 sunscreen on my face. And sunglasses. My entire family is like vampires, none of us can be outside without sunglasses, even the house is dimly lit.

So why am I bothering you with all of this? I need your help. I need to find a new wrinkle cream to help me smooth this crap out. Here are my requirements and preferences in order of importance:

Must haves:

  1. Must work (at least to some extent, and not just as a smoother, must  prevent further damage, would be nice if it could reverse some existing damage)
  2. Must not be tested on animals
  3. Must be all natural

Must not have:

  1. Nasty ingredients like petrochemicals, lanolin

Would be nice if:

  1. Ingredients are all natural
  2. Organic
  3. Locally available
  4. Locally made
  5. Vegan (I can live with bee products if it really works, but I don’t want to rub a placenta on my face)
  6. Not crazy expensive. I would consider $75 bucks for something that only lasts a month crazy expensive. $75 for something that lasts 6 months…I can deal with that.
  7. It would be great if it also worked as an eye cream.

Currently for an all over moisturizer I use a product called Amurie Rejuventation Moisturizer. It is locally distributed (Northampton PA) and I get it through the Lehigh Valley Food Coop (full disclosure, I am a shareholder and board member). It is also all natural, and it works great as an all over moisturizer. But it is not a targeted wrinkle cream.

If you have anything that you have actually used and love, share it here. If you in anyway represent the product, that is fine, please comment, but be up-front that you represent the product so your comments can be taken in context.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

9 responses to “Ack! A Wrinkle!

  1. We do love Aveda Hydrating Lotions and their masque – it does seem to work or at least we think it does.

    In my case it does not hurt to have Irish skin and in the other ones case “Black don’t Crack”

    • LOL, that is so true. I said that to my husband one day when he was commenting how young someone looked and he had never heard that before. Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve used Aveda hair products in the past but haven’t tried their skincare yet.

  2. LOL @ Yoda!!! I feel exactly the same way…I don’t have many wrinkles or greys either so the wrinkle ot two I have noticed I try to forget I have. I also take comfort in the fact that I still get carded (even for a lighter!) AND nobody believes that I am 37 🙂
    I too am a long time Oil Of Olay user (thanks Nana) and I am very reluctant to switch and try new things. So while I can’t specifically recommend any one product I do know of a really awesome mail order company called DHC. I have used several of their products and haven’t been disappointed in one! The Mild Soap is ‘da bomb!!! Anyway, I believe when you place an order you can get a free sample of your choosing, which comes in really handy when you wany to try new products! Besides skin care, they have make up and hair care products as well.
    I know Oil of Olay has lots of higher end products as well ….I’m kind of cheap so I haven’t tried any, but if you happen to, I’d love to know how they work out!

    • OOPS!! Scratch that website….its….sorry!!! Even weirder the wrong link goes to Target’s website!!

    • I’ve received a catalog from DHC and wasn’t sure what to think, I was really tempted to buy but I didn’t know anything about them. Good to know someone who uses them! I still get carded too. The one guy at the liquor store had to look at my ID like 6 times because he claimed he couldn’t believe my birth date! Granted he was like 80…but still.

  3. I really like the whole Boscia line. Meets most of your requirements except the local part. Love the cleanser, scrub, detox mask and oil free moisturizer (w SPF), recently tried the black mask and really like it but can’t speak to long term use (it’s a new product), and I think the Antioxidant Recovery C Treatment works nicely to undo nasty sun/pollution damage that leads to wrinkles. I get them now at the local Sephora but you can often find the line in specialty places or of course online.

  4. I’ve been using rosehip seed oil for the last year (I’m 45) and LOVE it. It has truly helped the lines I was getting around my eyes. I bought a 4oz bottle from Mountain Rose Herbs and it lasted me a year (I use it as a facial moisturizer, and around/under my eyes). I keep the bottle in the refrigerator and pour out about 1/2 oz at a time into a smaller bottle to keep in the bathroom, to keep the oil fresh. No, Mountain Rose Herbs doesn’t give me kickbacks 🙂 It meets your criteria and mine: all natural, no chemicals, effective. Read about it here: . Hope this helps!

    • Thank you so much Kathie! I’m going to have to try this, it sounds right up my alley! The Whitestar brand I mention also has a buckseed oil I’ve been thinking about trying but I know rosehips have a lot of Vitamin C and that is supposed to be a great anti-ager.

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