Where am I? Photo quiz

This new feature is actually one of my first ideas for this blog and now that it’s warm enough to get out I’m finally starting it.

The premise? I snap a photo, you tell me where I took it. These will be found in Bethlehem unless otherwise noted. Your prize? Glory and a shout out.

Here goes:



8 responses to “Where am I? Photo quiz

  1. Total longshot… Bethlehem’s Garden of Serenity?

    I love this new feature. I’ll get everyone wrong, but it’ll be nice to play. It’s how people who play my “What’s That Wednesday” contest feel.

    • Thanks for playing Kathy! It’s funny how when you know the answer it seems so easy…I was afaid everyone would get this right away! It is not in Bethlehem’s Garden of Serenity.

      We also had another guess from @Silagh via twitter who thought it was a fountain on Lehigh’s campus. She has the right side of town, however it is not on Lehigh’s campus and it is also not technically a fountain, there is no pump but it does collect water if it rains.

  2. At BethWorks

  3. Yes Linda! We have a winner! This can be found on the SteelStacks campus, formerly BethWorks. There are several of these gears stuck to the asphalt on 2nd St. between Polk and Founders Way.

    When the BethWorks plan was originally developed one of the first actions was to pave a few of the roads back there and insert various gears and I beams into the road. It is definitely an interesting look, one which some have critized but that I actually think is kind of neat.

  4. Congrats, Linda!

    It does look like a fountain, but now that I know they’re giant gears, kudos to the designers.

  5. I drive by the steel alot. And then yesterday I was on the City of Bethlehem’s web site looking for pics for a power point presentation. Then I saw it…..the same object you posted!

    So….do you give out bacon to winners like Kathy does! (;-))))

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