Where am I photo quiz & good news

Another photo quiz. Obviously this is a sidewalk, but where was I? The good news is also a hint. I’ve been worried about the status of this sidewalk ever since construction began.

Here goes:



4 responses to “Where am I photo quiz & good news

  1. The sidewalk in front of Bethlelehem Brewworks on Main St.?

    • Good guess, it is a historic district, just not “THE” historic district. Another hint: It’s on the south side along a beautiful historic landmark where major construction is happening-hence the need to remove and thankfully reset the slate sidewalk.

  2. Southside Eddie

    Sayre Mansion

    • Yea!!! Ed wins the photo quiz! Sorry, I have no prizes, lol!

      So yes, this walk is along the Sayre Mansion on the 3rd Street side, as you go up the hill toward Fountain Hill.

      In fact this area is the Fountain Hill Historic District. There are many mansions in this district built mostly with Iron, Steel, and Rail Road money.

      Last year as part of the preparation for the road work they removed all if the beautiful cherry trees that had lined the street. This was done in order to move the telephone poles a few feet in. Right now they are working on widening the street where it meets 378 so that additional turning lanes can be added to ease traffic leaving the hospital. I’ve been worried about the future of this sidewalk and even Sayre’s stonewall that goes up the hill. If this spray paint is any indication, it looks like both may be safe. Good news indeed. Now if only they could replace the Cherry trees.

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