Where am I? Photo quiz.

Wow, just realized it’s been over a month since my last “Where am I?” post, and almost a month since my last post in general. I really need to get back on the ball here.

So, in an effort to slowly bring everyone back to speed, we have an easy one today. No hints.


6 responses to “Where am I? Photo quiz.

  1. southside_eddie

    Main St Commons

  2. Orr’s Department Store in Bethlehem was a real disappointment the one time I went there. Just could not begin to compare to Hess Brothers in downtown Allentown. Hess’s is down. Did Orr’s make it? Bethlehem’s downtown a comeback unlike Allentown. Allentown, which was once “The Queen City” is now scary bad!!!

    • Hi Charlene! Yes, Orr’s was no Hess’s but I always like the elevators, they were the old cage style where you can see through if I remember correctly. Orr’s did not make it, however they did a nice job renovating the building instead of just knocking it down like they did to Hess’s. It is now Main St. Commons and Bethlehem Brew Works (a nice brew pub) is it’s anchor. There are a number of other stores there as well, including Aardvark Running Shop which used to be in a store further across the street back in the day.

  3. I’ve been to the Commons a million times and never noticed the Orr’s! I’ll be looking for it now. I think I had lunch at Orr’s once just before they closed. Thinking 25 years ago, right?

    I used to like the Orr’s in Easton too. Think it was adjacent to Sigal’s, the bridal store. That’s where my bridesmaids got their gowns and I got my headpiece. Hmmm, that’s almost 20 years ago now.

    Um. This post made me feel old. I’m going to leave now.

    • I never noticed it either! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I’m not sure if I ever went to the Easton Orr’s, maybe when I was little, not sure though my family didn’t go to Easton often. I discovered Easton when I started driving, I actually got one of my prom dresses at Sigal’s. I think Orr’s closed somewhere around 20 years ago (+/- 2 years). I remember going there in highschool, and my 20 year reunion is in a few weeks.

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