Photo Quiz: Where am I?

Ok, this one is not in Bethlehem, but is close by. If you have never been there you probably won’t get this, but if you are like me and grew up going here you’ll know it IMMEDIATELY and this picture will bring backs lots of fun memories.

I’m being too generous with the hints…


Update…Ok, I’ve already heard from a few people who are obviously very familiar with this clown. For those who aren’t, here is another shot…from about 35 years ago. Hey!? Who’s that kid in the pool? It’s not Hailey 😉

20110626-032325.jpgUpdate #2 Ok, I had a few people who absolutely new where I was when I took this photo but didn’t want to ruin the contest for everyone else. One, even worked there and emptied these garbage cans. One memory I always had about these was the amount of bees around them so of course my first question? “How many times did you get stung?” Response? “At least twice a summer”

I received a lot of guesses here and on twitter for Bushkill park. But finally Hillary Kwiatek correctly guessed (after many hints, I might add) “Hellertown Pool.”  But like I said, unless you have ever been there, this was not an easy one.

I tried doing a little research on the clown head and apparently they were not originally manufactured to be used as garbage can toppers, they were to be put on a pool and used as a throwing target in playgrounds or carnival games. If you would like one here’s an auction site that has one. They were manufactured in the mid-20th century and have been at the Hellertown Pool longer than I can remember. The pool opened in 1939 and the plaque on the garbage can toppers indicate they were donated by a drum and bugle corp.

There are also lion heads, as you can see in the pictures below, but clearly the clown is creepier.  Although I’m just noticing now that the lion has a Hitler-esque mustache…

And this one from back in the day…

8 responses to “Photo Quiz: Where am I?

  1. Umm.. the fair in schnecksville? Funny pic!

  2. I’m guessing Bushkill Park in Easton. I don’t recognize the clown, but I know they had a pool there. A train would take you around the property and pass by the pool.

    • You are the second person to guess Bushkill Park. Much closer to Bethlehem. We had a winning guess on twitter, (other than people I grew up with and even worked there who didn’t want to spoil the fun). I’ll be updating the post soon with the details.

  3. Everybody from Hellertown knows that clown. (And The Lion) It has to be Hellertown’s Swimming Pool.

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