Horns – New Sustainable Restaurant Coming to South Bethlehem

During the heatwave this past weekend Hailey and I went for a walk through the sideside (yes, we are insane) and we stopped to peak in the windows of a new restaurant under construction at 123 West 4th Street near Play It Again Records. What immediately caught my eye were the two antique Singer sewing machine tables converted into small cafe tables and the old pictures leaning against the wall.

Hailey and I were quickly spotted by John Silvestera who took a break from working on the interior of his future restaurant to invite us in for a tour. The place was really cool. One of the first things I noticed once inside was where the place may have gotten its name…there were a few animal mounted heads on the wall, some with horns. The place has a rustic look, but not in any sort of Cracker Barrel way, definitely much cooler and darker. Aside from the Singer tables in the window there are wooden picnic tables (trust me, it works) and a coffee bar area under-construction. The coffee will be fair trade of course. John also said he was going to have a Chef’s table in the kitchen where lucky diners can get up-close to the action in the kitchen. Chalkboards across the wall in several areas will include the menu, specials, and one black-board is already devoted to defining some of the terms common to sustainable dining. He made his own lighting fixtures.

In the corner there is a big barrel with a vessel sink. John explained that instead of having water bottles people can either bring their own containers for free “super filtered” water or pay a small amount for a cup to fill up. The purpose is to encourage people to think about waste and ways they can be more green. I asked about take-out and the containers he’d be using and he’s on top of it already, it’s all green.

John and Horns are both welcome additions to the southside. In case you missed it, the Express-Times ran a story recently about how John came to the southside after being turned down by Easton. Easton’s loss is definitely our gain.

It was also refreshing to see work being done behind open glass. I wish more people would consider this. I realize it may steal some of the thunder by not having a big reveal once it’s all done but because he didn’t hide behind windows covered in craft-paper or newspaper he gets to interact with future customers now to get the buzz started. I’ve seen tweets since my visit from others who have been invited inside by John for a tour and I think that’s just so smart. I was actually chased off by peaking inside an open door when floors were being redone in the old McCorry’s building on 3rd Street. Really? You’re going to chase curious people away people showing interest before you even open? I just don’t get it.

Ok, sorry, back to Horns. John is hoping to have Horns open in early September. Check out some of pictures I took, though it doesn’t compare to seeing it in person. Go take a walk, look curious, maybe you’ll get a sneak peak too.

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8 responses to “Horns – New Sustainable Restaurant Coming to South Bethlehem

  1. Oh, man. That place looks awesome. I’m sharing this with everybody. I know we’ll hit them up for lunch a lot (work blocks from there). I remember reading their story (and about Easton letting them go), so I’m glad you wrote this because now I know it’s close to opening. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks Kathy! I had a big spike in readership that day, I can always tell when you share my posts, lol. I’m looking forward to it opening to, it’s definitely going to be different from anything I’ve seen in the Lehigh Valley.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this new restaurant! I’m thrilled to see that there will be a new restaurant on my list that’s sustainable, environmentally conscientious and offers organic eats! Plus from looking @ the pictures, it has a neat look to it as well. Any idea of when it will be open?

  3. Can’t wait to check it out:) Thanks for the tip about the Musikfest tickets. I was looking all over the Musikfest website, but couldn’t find it. That’s what I get for blogging when I am half asleep:(

    Question for you – I wanted to do the trial for the Coop and write about it on the blog for an alternative to grocery store shopping – does the two trial week offer still stand? I filled out the information form online?

    • Jen,

      The Co-op has been in hibernation. Because it was 100% volunteer run the amount of volunteers over the summer dwindled with vacations and such and also orders were down because of all of the farmer’s markets in the community (which is a good problem to have!). I’m not sure what the plan is, if any, for the fall. But in my honest opinion, it is not sustainable as a volunteer run program, it’s too unpredictable.

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