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Bucket List Update – America On Wheels is AWESOME

I was able to knock one thing off of my Lehigh Valley Bucket List this week and WOW was I impressed! I volunteered at the America On Wheels museum this week and while it’s pretty much in the middle of one of the crappiest areas of Allentown this place is amazing.

I have always heard that I would be impressed going here so I went in with high expectations and was still blown away. The exhibits and layout are amazing, Smithsonian-quality even. It was closed to the public, I was there to help take down Christmas decorations (mine still are not all put away at home-oops), so I was able to enjoy it almost all to myself. Planning to go back soon to get a better look as most of the lights were out to conserve energy while they were closed, so some of the rooms with less windows were a bit dark.

The current temporary exhibit is The British Invasion and it is only in town until the end of this month. I loved it-great selection of cars. Check out this beautiful Austin Healey:

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