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In case you missed it, Tony Simao and Tom Carrol posted a video on Youtube, Open Letter to Bethlehem Politicians, as part of their campaigns to oust Democratic incumbents this November.

And I’ve been banned from leaving comments on it.

If you support censorship then by all means vote for Tony and Tom.

Here’s the screen shots to prove it:

Last week (1st screenshot) I tried to post this comment:

“This is the biggest turd I’ve seen in a while. First of all what did Callahan and Reynolds (who was like 9 at the time) have to do with the demise of the Steel? I remember Bethlehem in the years prior to Cunningham and Callahan, Main St was a ghost town. We have fared better than most during the recession as well.

This video is a sham. Mostly irrelevant still photos set to dramatic music may scare simple minds but anyone capable of independent thought will see it as it is, a joke.”

I thought that was pretty tame.

They have posted a second video, Open Letter to Bethlehem Politicians Page 2, which still has the dramatic music but at least looks at current events and leaves the Bethlehem Steel demise out of it.

And guess what? I’m banned from commenting on this one too.

Two additional comments on both videos, since I can’t leave them on youtube: 1) I dislike that it is written from the point of view of someone who voted for Reynolds and Callahan. Don’t speak for me. I highly doubt that Simao or Carrol voted for either Reynolds or Callahan (even when Callahan was uncontested). 2) Where are the candidates proposals? All attack, no solution.

Plus did I mention they banned me?

New blog feature: where are MOB’s trash can’s this week?

I’m going to start posting the sad state of my trash cans each week after the garbage collector comes.