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Update – Event Calendar, Sales, Reunion, Gym

I like to shop. I plan on regularly posting quick updates on sales here and also adding them to my event calendar (check out the links on the left). Right now the event calendar is pretty sparse, but I’ll be updating it as time allows. You can help by sending events-the easiest way is via a google calendar invite at MicheleofBethlehem@gmail.com I’ll post the ones that I find interesting, things I would actually consider doing, and just about anything non-profit related.

For sales I’ll focus mostly on locally owned merchants like Shuze, who is having an up to 75% clearance sale at the 17 W. 3rd St. location because they are ditch…errr….leaving the southside. They are also working on moving out of their current Main St. spot and into a bigger, yet-to-be-disclosed space in Downtown Bethlehem. Check out the sale details here.

I’ll also include some deals at the dreaded big-box stores, because less face it…its hard to avoid them. For example, this week Best Buy has a deal if you buy H&R Block Tax Software (Deluxe Home Federal + State) for $44.99 (a good price) you can pick up any DVD $20 and under for free. This is the software I buy every year so it’s a no brainer.

And if you shop on-line (you know you do) the best deal out there is Ebates. Basically you go to their website to link to the on-line store you normally shop at and viola! you just earned yourself  a rebate worth 1-20% of your purchase. They send “A BIG FAT CHECK” to you quarterly. Last month I cashed a check for $85 for just shopping on-line! I have a link in my sidebar and also one here where you can sign up and I get a referral bonus (usually $5 after a person signs up AND makes a purchase) and I can earn stuff for 20 referrals (FLIP Ultra HD) or 50 referrals (iPAD!!!). I’m not here to hawk stuff…but if it interests you…I’d appreciate the support.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has commented on my first two posts. I love comments! An update on the weight loss post…a friend from high school reminded me in her comment that our 20th high school reunion is coming up this June! Ackkkk! If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is!!! But I plan on being in shape in time for Chilifest so I can keep up with Silagh at the Funhouse…

And right after publishing that “Throwing it all in the Ring” post last night I rushed out the door to go to the gym…to take a Zumba  class…that was cancelled. I finally get my ass out the door to the gym…and well it figures. But all was not lost…I ran/walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. So now I just have to spend 5 1/2 more hours at the gym this month to keep my membership.

Up next will be that post about my Lehigh Valley attractions/events “bucket list” for 2011. Stay tuned!

Note: always refer to the retailer for terms and conditions of sales mentioned here. I try to represent them accurately but I’m not responsible for typos, mistakes, misunderstandings, etc etc.