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Where am I? Photo quiz

New photo quiz today. Remember, the question is “Where Am I?” not “What is it?”

I can’t decide if this one is easy or hard. It’s really tucked away yet the building it stands in front of has a big presence. Ok, I’ve already said too much…


No one guessed in the comments but we did have some excellent guesses via twitter including:

Behind the Steelworkers memorial, in front of the Fahy Bridge. (right idea, wrong bridge)

And the closest guess: In front of the Sands casino.

It’s actually BEHIND the Sands casino in front of the MINSI TRAIL BRIDGE and Bethlehem Steel’s High House building. I found this when I was checking out the new Sands hotel on a run. It’s on the far end of the hotel parking lot, you can’t miss it if you just walk over toward the High House (the really tall building in front of the bridge). The High House is where they made really tall stuff for the wars, such as naval gun barrels, which is on display in this photo. Go check out some our city’s…and our country’s history.




Where am I? Photo quiz.

Wow, just realized it’s been over a month since my last “Where am I?” post, and almost a month since my last post in general. I really need to get back on the ball here.

So, in an effort to slowly bring everyone back to speed, we have an easy one today. No hints.


Where am I photo quiz & good news

Another photo quiz. Obviously this is a sidewalk, but where was I? The good news is also a hint. I’ve been worried about the status of this sidewalk ever since construction began.

Here goes:


Where am I? Photo quiz

This new feature is actually one of my first ideas for this blog and now that it’s warm enough to get out I’m finally starting it.

The premise? I snap a photo, you tell me where I took it. These will be found in Bethlehem unless otherwise noted. Your prize? Glory and a shout out.

Here goes: